Masked vigalantie looking to destroy the zip before it goes farther


== Physical description ==

6`3 wearing a armored tactical suit with face mask with red marks sort of resembling the crow mark on the eyes.

== Back story ==

he grew up in Chicago in a up scale suburb with a loving family. His parents were very successful mom was a Doctor and Dad was a engineer ( who was actually contracted in liberty city for a few sky scrapers) he sister was just out of college got a job in a law firm. she went out to clubs and was known to have fun. “shade” was just out of college for criminal Justice when Julia went out one night and failed to return one night she didn’t show up for a week she was found but the side of the road in a back alley doped out. she was brought home and tried to sober her up and when she got sober “shade” would go and find her and try to straighten out. she never was the same. She quickly died to this drug witch devastated the family and parents have since drowned them selves in work never coming home they have sold there house and moved into a new one in a new suburb being so distraught by the loss. “Shade” decided he had to leave the city and he gave his parents the he wanted to go to this city and live a new and they now coddle him with what ever he needs. witch he turns around to use towards his Vigilante justice. his whole point is to bring down leviathan who creates and distributes the drug its his goal to end them.

he met Justine (Omega) who he found over her dieing brother from zip Shade did everything he could for her and eventually befriended her. she is his only friend. she is the only one who knows who “shade” is.


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