24 years old, brown skinned man, large in build and almost always wearing a hoody, gloves and geans.


Str 32 +11
Dex 14 +2
Con 32 +11
Int 14 +2
Wis 10 +0
Cha 10 +0

Toughness +11
Fortitude +13
Reflex +6
Will +4

Defense 19
Initiative +6
Hero Points 1

Attack +8
Melee +9
Grapple +22

Blast: Rank 10 Each (sonic) Area: (line) (cone) (area burst) Flaw: touch
Enhanced Constitution: +22
Enhanced Strength: +22
Super Strength: Rank 2
Impervious Toughness: Rank 8
Immunity: Own powers
Leaping: Distance x2
Super Sense: Infravision, Track Infravision

Improved Initiative
Improvised Tools

Computers +10
Electronics +10
Mechanics +10
Know Tech +10
Notice +8


Known Info
Atlas is a man with robotic arms and legs who conceals the upper half of his head and has a group of robotic sentries that hold the terf.
So Far Unknown
Derrec Black was born into a ghetto in Freedom City. His parents worked often and rarely saw him but were always proud of their boy. Because his parents worked day and night to make ends meet Derrec was forced to learn to take care of himself at an early age. As a child Derrec was gifted, and quickly showed a skill for computers and Robotics.
As Derrec became older he also became more physically fit. By the time he was in high school he was a star player for the foot ball team and the head of the robotics club. He was living a strange life and he loved it. Senior year was the start of the worst years he would ever know.
Derrec’s father became gravely ill and without health insurance the small family was soon drowning in dept. His mother encouraged him to make plans for college and moving away. Derrec instead dropped out and took up two jobs, one a program analyzer, and another as a lab tech at a robotics firm. He was making excellent money but sadly the year wasn’t done yet. His mother has a near fatal stroke in late November. She too was now hospitable ridden.
More bills and more work soon followed for Derrec, sadly this came with more heart ache too. He arranged for his mother and father to be together for X-mas that year. It was the last Holiday he would ever have with them. Both of his parents died before the week was over.
Derrec stunned with his losses turned his back on the world, quit his jobs, and abandoned anyone who called him friend. Months rolled by. And the neighborhood got worse without his caring or noticing. The drug dealers became gangs, the gangs started violence and soon he was living in a war zone.
He didn’t react to the gangs till he saw a woman about to get knifed. He snapped back at that second and tackled the man with the knife. On the police report it said the assailant fell on his own knife, either way the man was dead. As it turns out he was also a favored member for “The Shadow Kings” gang.
The gang had apparently discovered who had ‘killed’ there member. They didn’t take much time in exacting revenge. 15 of them showed up outside Derrecs run down apartment and beat him down in the middle of the street in broad daylight. No one called the cops and everyone saw.
He was being made an example of. They stared by breaking his legs in at least a dozen places each, next they broke his arms and whipped his back with a steal chain. They were going to leave him for dead till one of the members had an idea. They took a gas can and dosed him. The fire they lit was thankfully enough to get the authorities involved.
He had survived. The authorities never arrested any of his assailants, because most had died a week later in an unrelated gang dispute. Derrec spent a year and a half attempting to recover. In the end he could limp along and use most of his right arm and his skin was scarred and barren. What shocked him most when he got home was that he had physically become so small.
Derrec once more became a shut in. However this time it was a healthy thing. He worked night and day to build a robotic limb, a new left arm. Salvaging pieces from the now closed robotics firm, and researching ways to integrate nerves into cybernetics. By the Following year he had taken every working nerve of his arm and grafted then to the internal structure of a functional robotic limb. Shortly after he did his right arm, then his legs, and finally some of the damage to his lower spine.
He was now physically capable like most people. But he didn’t stop there. Soon he was enhancing his basic limbs. The end result was a set of limbs and a spine capable of well beyond human capacity. Shortly after he started his business of repairing and re-selling tech, and his side business of ending gang wars. Eventually he had cleared a block of all gangs and established the “Machine Heads” to hold the terf. Since then he has been playing with an alter ego called “atlas” so that he can start ending the violence of the gangs. Till just recently he had not used this identity.


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